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Element Eight [e]8 is a super premium rum brand (Platinum, Gold & Spiced) that far surpasses the quality, purity, smoothness and flavour of conventional rum brands Elements Eight [e]8 is the result of 8 individual elements that are in perfect balance and harmony with each other. Each individual element adds a unique and distinct characteristic to the final blend. When combined, the eight elements impart their unique characteristics, flavours and smoothness. Elements Eight [e]8 are world class rums and have been awarded the highest honours in taste and packaging competitions. Our philosophy was to create product excellence and never compromise. The result is a super premium rum that excels on every front, from packaging, taste and the overall production process Elements Eight [e]8 rums are distilled and aged in the oldest distillery in St Lucia. Over 120 years of rum making experience and passion is applied to create two super premium rums. Heritage with a contemporary face.

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